Unlimited Customization and Integration Opportunities

Actionspace delivers unique and perfectly suitable business management solutions for large and mid-sized companies seeking to improve project visibility, effectively organize teamwork, automate workflows, and get control over projects and initiatives across teams and departments.

The key part of our value proposition is top-class IT services which help to tailor Actionspace to unique needs of your business.

To create a comprehensive single workspace within your existing corporate IT environment, Actionspace software can now be further equipped with a customized set of features and services:

  • Product customization (including custom web-forms, online reports, additional dashboards, Sharepoint webparts)
  • New features and custom features development (including specific business logic and user interface changes)
  • Adaptation to existing business processes
  • Custom branding and white-label branding
  • Integration with corporate IT systems (SharePoint, Office 365, helpdesks, CRM, ERP, finance and accounting solutions, and etc.)
  • End-user training
  • Premium technical support and updates
  • On premises and cloud installation
  • Pre-project assessment, implementation and rollout

Premium Services in action

Aggregation of Tasks from Different Systems

Integrations case: ERP, CRM and ECM integrations

In day-to-day operations, utilizing and maintaining control over tasks in various systems requires a great deal of concentration and attention. Our client was seeking to get visibility into the tasks from ECM, ERP and CRM systems and to easily oversee them in a single place.

Actionspace Premium Services eliminated the risk of missing out a single task assigned in an ERP, ECM and CRM systems the client’s staff used in their daily operations. More...


Branding case: personalized look and feel

When creating and establishing a brand the key to success is consistency. A brand idea needs to permeate an entire organization. Being the front-end for your managers and employees daily activities, Actionspace task, project and workflow management solution can effectively support your brand strategy when it comes to providing motivation and direction for the staff.

In case with one of our clients we introduced a logo in the header of Actionspace homepage, customized colors and applied branded background to the overall layout of the solution. More...

New Features

Feature development case: custom metadata

Actionspace out-of-the box solution offers tags to easily structure tasks and projects and then access them in one click via effective filter presets. However, the fact is that sometimes tags are just not enough to support complicated multi-stage business processes of enterprise-level customers. On the one hand, business leaders have to take numerous factors into consideration when making important decisions, on the other hand, the business processes themselves are often based on a variety of specific parameters which may cause different workflows to be launched or different people and resources to be involved depending on the parameter value. More...

Workflow automation

Workflow automation case: embedded processes

One of the key values Actionspace brings to clients is workflow automation. Regardless of the company size, there are essential recurring processes, such as onboarding new clients, managing contracts with suppliers, performing audits or regular staff and product assessments, that involve the same employees, the same set of documents and procedures each time, occur regularly, consume considerable time and require numerous interactions between employees and departments. This is the case when a company can surely benefit from workflow automation, because it brings standardization into daily routine, saves managers’ time and energy and helps to achive goals faster and in a smoother, error-free way. To get started on streamlining business processes our client requested a set of embedded processes added to their Actionspace account. Actionspace Premium Services team created a number of business process templates by using interactive Gantt-like tools built in the solution. More...

For a cumulative overview of how Actionspace can be adapted to any specific task, project and workflow management requirements, including real-life cases of third-party integration, custom branding, new feature development, and lightweight workflow automation, watch this short webinar recording and see what advancements and additional opportunities our customers gain from the new service model.


The services are provided via strategic alliance between Actionspace and Digital Design, one of the leading IT companies in Eastern Europe, internationally recognized for its service and technical expertise.

Over 2000 successful projects in corporate IT market, broad industry expertise, and balanced portfolio of technologies guarantee the perfect alignment of your specific business requirements.

Prominent quality of Digital Design’s services is assured by international quality certifications:

  • First European company to obtain SEI CMMI level 3 certificate
  • “Recognized For Excellence” certificate from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certifications

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