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What customers say about us

  • "We are using Actionspace to track tasks assigned to different team members and making sure that nothing slips between the cracks. Actionspace is great for tasks and projects where an elaborate project management tool would be overkill.

    Our team is set up where everyone can view each other's tasks and we make extensive use of reminders, comments and the FOCUS feature. The latter is great for making sure that important tasks get the attention they deserve."

    Markus Strauss, Sura, Australia

  • "Actionspace software is great to use. We were able to get over 20 projects uploaded into the system within a day and actually use the product.  This has provided management a better insight to the tasks and projects we are working on."

    Brad Ludwig, ​Contech Engineered Solutions, USA

  • "Highly recommended for all Office 365 users.

    We have chosen Actionspace as a project management system that would bring together multiple departments and make communication on projects easier. Actionspace offers customizable reporting, email notifications and full Office integration and saves us lots of time. Probably the biggest benefit for us is that you can quickly see what still needs to get done without having to stop and compile all your projects between multiple locations."

    Joey Weber

  • "We are more than happy to recommend Actionspace. It is a useful tool that helps us to delegate and control tasks in a more efficient way, therefore saving us management time. It is one of the best tools to manage organization tasks from ROI perspective."

    Zion Menashe, Coop Israel, Israel

  • "I'm an online entrepreneur, and I maintain newsletters and blogs. I need to be able to communicate with team members, have Office 365 integration and more. I began using Actionspace when a friend recommended it in place of Slack. Actionspace was very easy to setup and get running. I like the pricing, the streamlining, the dashboard, and the way it solved our communication issues. Good fit for a team or small company."

    Todd Bailey

  • "Good addition to the Microsoft workspace that fills the gap for people needing more than action items in Outlook but would like to use an easier solution than MS Project. Still needs some work to make it a killer app but with the personal customization pack offered this could also be custom build."

    Door Rick van Opstal, BrightBlocks, The Netherlands

  • "Perfect for Bussiness.

    This is a perfect app for managing my tasks, assigning tasks to my employees, selecting deadlines. It is a perfect app for managing your business."

    Jaime Hernandez, JP Electrical Contractors

  • "We chose Actionspace to manage our IT projects and it helps us a lot. We have a very effective application work."

    Linoy Sheleg, Eyal Engineering & Industrial Co. Ltd., Israel

  • "Actionspace integrates well with Office 365 and quickly becomes a way to work rather than an additional thing to do. I can already see how Actionspace will become a core part of our business process going forward."

    Gert Botha, Hive Technologies

  • "Issue feature in Actionspace became a great asset for us, it has helped us to get crystal clear visibility in projects. Thanks to in-system notifications and email alerts helping us to quickly identify and react on project issues, we have improved our productivity by 20% and now we complete our projects faster."

    John R. Wright, Wright and Associates CPAs Inc., USA, Philippines

  • "As leaders in Lean consulting and change management we needed a tool to manage the multiple projects with the multitude of clients served by Timelined Consulting Inc. Actionspace addin for Office 365 and SharePoint was implemented to organize and manage teamwork, track and monitor project progress. Actionspace helps us successfully complete projects and provide our clients with just in time service anywhere anytime!"

    Néha T. Singh, PMP, Certified LEAN Practitioner,
    Timelined Consulting Inc., Canada

  • "We have found Actionspace to be very useful for us. We are finally able to move forward with going paperless in our office."

    Cortney Martin, Trademark Management Inc., USA

  • "No extra time needed to start. Simple to use. Easy document handling, modification and commenting."

    Marjo Brandes, CEO, Brandcomp, Finland

  • "Actionspace inspires your team to do a greater job, to achieve faster and better results, to be the first on the way to success."

    Agnes Molnar, ECM expert, SharePoint consultant, MVP

  • "Actionspace brings more advantages than just traditional project management or ECM system. The unique feature is that Actionspace allows our team to handle and control dynamic tasks beyond usual projects."

    Navis Engineering Oy, Finland

  • "I manage several large projects with many tasks and sub-tasks and needed a way to keep track of each project, easily see the status and project progress and share this information with my boss and team. I have Actionspace added as an App on my SharePoint Team Site. Actionspace allows me to do all of this using an easy interface and is a great tool!"

    Mike Bailey, Cormier MedTech, USA

  • "We are a three year funded arts project and need a low cost solution to managing a variety of creative and arts based projects. We are Office 365 users so used the App Store to search for free software for project management hence setting up an Actionspace trial. The “out-of-the box” version suits our immediate needs especially it is available on Sharepoint.  We are a team of five and so far the use of Actionspace has not been extensive as we are still in the early stages of the overall project.  Nevertheless, it is important to the success of the project to be able to have good oversight of individual projects and activity so that we can effectively demonstrate we are meeting the criteria of our funding. So far, it looks like Actionspace will provide this."

    Jayne Bradley, Northern Heartlands, UK

What experts say about us

  • When Microsoft Project is too big and Outlook is too small, Actionspace fills the void in between as a powerful enterprise task management and project management software solution for teams.  Read full product analysis »

  • Task and project management solution for Office 365 and SharePoint.  4 out of 5 stars. 

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  • An Introduction to Actionspace Collaboration Management.

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  • An effective everyday tool for all organizational levels—from executives and mid-managers to the rest of the employees.
    Solid product: 7.1 score, 100% user satisfaction rate.

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  • Solves corporate challenges on the fly.  Useful tool for companies that are looking to get more out of SharePoint. Ease of use: 5/5, features: 5/5, value: 4/5.

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