[New Features] Time Tracking and Recurring Tasks

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[New Features] Time Tracking and Recurring Tasks

May 12, 2015

We are glad to announce new Actionspace features that allow business users to plan their work more effectively.

Now Actionspace users can plan and track actual time for a separate task or for the entire project. Task creator, when assigning a task, enters estimated time for a task, and the responsible reports the actual number of hours that he/she spent on specific task/project. Multiple entries are also supportedthey can come in handy when an employee works on one task during more than one day (e.g. one hour on Day 1, two hours on Day 2, and one hour on Day 4), so this way, he/she can register hours for each day of working on the task.

Actionspace time tracking helps to reckon in time spent by the task assignee as well as time spent by other team members, including observers and supervisors.

To save time for planning regular tasks such as weekly management reports or monthly supply of office goods, we have added automated recurring tasks. These are great assets to save time on planning and not to miss out on routine yet vital tasks.

Companies with workdays that differ from Monday to Friday will benefit from new flexible workweek settings. Now they can set up workdays in Actionspace according to their corporate or country's standards. This feature is expected to become popular among companies working 24/7 and companies with offices in Middle East or China. 

Watch Ask the Expert #3 webinar recording and see the new features in details:

Want to demo the new time tracking and recurring tasks features? Choose your best way to take Actionspace for a spin.

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