Actionspace Launches Tailored Services and Announces New Pricing Model

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Actionspace Launches Tailored Services and Announces New Pricing Model

April 27, 2016

To provide mid-sized and large companies so desired flexibility of custom software while keeping simplicity and immediate implementation of ready-to-use solutions, Actionspace moves to a new service-oriented model. We have expanded our offering with a wide range of customization and integration services. Now any custom requirements and unique business workflows can be perfectly supported, including integrations with any third-party systems.

Here at Actionspace, we are great believers that technology needs to be tailored to unique business needs in order to produce tangible results and expected value. That is why we have moved towards a new model, primarily focused on solutions perfectly tuned to specific requirements of the customers.

In addition to the ready-to-use yet powerful Actionspace enterprise task, project and lightweight workflow management software, now we are proud to offer a top-class customization and integration services to fully adjust Actionspace to your specific business environment.

High quality of customization, integration, custom branding and other services is guaranteed by our strategic alliance with one of the leading IT companies in Eastern Europe, Digital Design Group. With 2000+ successful projects in corporate IT market, broad industry expertise, and balanced portfolio of technologies, Digital Design Group is internationally recognized for service and technological excellence.

To support new model, we have changed our pricing model as well. Actionspace offerings now come in carefully designed service packages.

  • To perfectly fit our most demanding customers’ needs, we have created two Premium packages - Cloud and On Premises. With these most flexible packages companies can benefit from unlimited number of users, cloud or on-premises implementation options, and a broad range of services to create perfectly fitted business management solution - customization, custom features, custom branding, integration and many others. Simply share your requirements and our experts will advise how Actionspace can cover your needs.
  • For those who want to start immediately and then decide on any customization, we have introduced Basic plan which includes out-of-the-box Actionspace enterprise task, project and lightweight workflow management software natively integrated with Office 365, SharePoint, Outlook and Azure AD plus technical support package (5 hours per month). To make life easier, we have removed any limitations on number of users. Now all Basic plan subscribers can add and delete users without thinking about moving to another pricing plan.
  • Free trial is still available for all Actionspace versions (SharePoint addin, Office 365 addin and online). After 14 days of evaluation you can choose if you need to customize the solution via tailored services (e.g., add custom features, adapt to existing business procedures and processes, integrate with third-party solutions) or you are happy with out-of-the-box features; if you want to stay on free five user limit or extend it to unlimited users.

To choose your perfect Actionspace suite of features and services, consider visiting Pricing and Services pages, or simply let us know and our experts will be pleased to advise you how Actionspace can be aligned with your needs.


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