Actionspace got featured on Microsoft AppSource

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Actionspace got featured on Microsoft AppSource

December 27, 2016

AppSource, brand new application store for Azure, Power BI, Dynamics and Office 365 featured Actionspace in its recent update in November.

Microsoft has launched AppSource website in the late June, and since then the team has been working with CSP vendors in order to fulfill the catalogue with verified business apps. Verification means that all the applications on AppSource storefront are tested and carefully examined by the qualified team at Microsoft to make sure they fit all the current infrastructure requirements and standards.

Why would we need another application store?

There is a variety of Microsoft marketplaces for people and businesses seeking for the right tool in order to meet the requirements. Microsoft is huge and there is no way that a single place would be an option for hundreds of thousands if not millions of technology adopters. For that reason, presumably there are app stores in Cloud SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and so on. Every platform has it’s own marketplace with the set of apps that can be installed and used exactly in the given environment.

On top of that Microsoft launched a one-stop-shop for app catalog that  covers any Microsoft technology.

Actionspace got featured in the AppSource blogpost announcing the bunch of productivity tools for business use on December 10th. We are grateful for such endorsement and hope that AppSource blog readers will benefit from the teamwork improvements that Actionspace made possible for Office 365 and SharePoint users. We consider AppSource placement as another successful step towards better serving the needs of Microsoft business customers.

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