How the U.S. Accounting Firm Automates Recurring Projects with Actionspace

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How the U.S. Accounting Firm Automates Recurring Projects with Actionspace

April 15, 2016

Watch a short video with John R. Wright, owner and founder of Wright and Associates CPAs, Inc. (USA, Philippines), talking about their accounting firm’s Actionspace experience.

Here at Actionspace, we draw inspiration from our customers and are happy to provide them with valuable solutions in return. Fruitful communication with customers is what helps us move forward and create an agile task, workflow and project management software.

Recently John R. Wright, President of Wright and Associates CPAs, Inc., shared with us how they use Actionspace. What major productivity issues the company had to struggle with, why they chose Actionspace and what has changed after implementing the solution in their day-to-day work routine - all these questions we addressed to Mr. Wright.

Careful search for an easy-to-use workflow automation solution brought Wright and Associates CPAs, Inc. to Actionspace with its full suite of project management features.

I was surprised and amazed that Actionspace would be able to do 95% of what we needed and the additional 5%  they were very happy to accomodate us. So it turned out that they were able to provide just about everything we needed for monitoring our projects.

Thanks to clever yet lightweight workflow automation powered by Actionspace software, Wright and Associates CPAs, Inc. quickly noticed major improvements in their ability to control processes and his team’s performance. And here at Actionspace, we also feel encouraged to work even harder and further exceed our clients’ expectations.

Go ahead and watch John R. Wright’s 3 minite insight:


If you want to find out how Actionspace can help to improve teamwork productivity in your unique business environment, please feel free to request a 1-on-1 guided demonstration with our expert or try Actionspace for free.


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