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How to install Actionspace add-on for Outlook

Actionspace add-on for Microsoft Outlook integrates Actionspace web-edition with Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Outlook 2016. With this add-on, you can: 

  • Create a new Actionspace task out of Outlook email message, task, contact, meeting, or another Outlook object;
  • Add email message, task, contact, meeting, or another Outlook object to any existing Actionspace task as an attachment.

Actionspace add-on comes as a installation package available to any user from Actionspace User Menu. When you install the package, it automatically sets up in Outlook. If you already have Actionspace add-on installed and you are trying to install it again, you will be prompted to update or delete the existing add-on.

To install the add-on: 

  1. Download the add-on by clicking on the link below.
  2. Unzip the archived installation package on your computer. By default, all files are extracted to C:\Users\User\Documents\OutlookPlugin folder.
  3. To begin the installation, launch Setup.exe file and wait for the verification window, then click Install.
  4. When the installation is completed, click Close in the pop-up window and then restart Outlook.
  5. After Outlook is restarted, choose your company name (database) in the pop-up window.
  6. After you confirm the company name selection, Actionspace components will become available in your Outlook.


Actionspace components in Outlook interface

  • Actionspace tab on Outlook ribbon;
  • Actionspace section under the Home tab;
  • Actionspace section under the Message tab in a separate message / task / meeting window;
  • Context menu items

Actionspace Context Menu Items

Icon Title Function
Login Opens Welcome to Actionspace window
New Actionspace task Creates a new Actionspace task from Outlook object
Attach to Actionspace task Attaches the selected Outlook object to the existing Actionspace task
About Actionspace Displays information about Actionspace Outlook add-on version


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