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How to deploy Actionspace as Azure Active Directory integrated app

Actionspace for Office 365 app is integrated with Azure Active Directory and listed in Azure Marketplace.

  • Enterprise Single Sign-On – Azure Active Directory supports rich enterprise-class single sign-on with Actionspace for Office 365 app out of the box. Users sign into Actionspace for Office 365 app using their organizational accounts hosted in Active Directory.
  • Easy Configuration - Azure Active Directory provides a simple step-by-step user interface for connecting Actionspace for Office 365 app to Azure AD.


How to start using Actionspace with Azure Active Directory (AD)

Azure AD provides several customizable ways to deploy Azure AВ integrated applications to end-users in your organization:

  • Office 365 application launcher
  • Direct sign-on to federated apps
  • Azure AD access panel

Office 365 application launcher

For organizations that have deployed Office 365, applications assigned to users through Azure AD will also appear in the Office 365 portal at This makes it easy and convenient for users in an organization to launch Actionspace app without having to use a second portal, and is the recommended app launching solution for organizations using Office 365.

Direct sign-on

Actionspace application supports SAML 2.0 and allows users to launch the application and then get signed in through Azure AD either by automatic redirection or by clicking on a link to sign in. This is known as service provider-initiated sign-on, and most federated applications in the Azure AD application gallery support this.

To deploy Actionspace app and sign in through Azure AD, please use this link (choose Sign Up via Office 365).

Azure AD access panel

The Access Panel at is a web-based portal that allows an end user with an organizational account in Azure Active Directory to view and launch cloud-based applications to which they have been granted access by the Azure AD administrator. If you are an end-user with Azure Active Directory Premium, you can also utilize self-service group management capabilities through the Access Panel.

The Access Panel is separate from the Azure Management Portal and does not require users to have an Azure subscription or Office 365 subscription.  For more information on the Azure AD access panel, see the introduction to the access panel.

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