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How to create and export reports

Reports allow to see project statistics and track progress on the tasks and projects.

Reports can be generated on an employee, a particular project, a period or a task status. By default, the report shows all tasks for over the past 30 days. An exported report file includes one or more spreadsheets with filtered data, summary data, and charts or diagrams.

Please note that regular users can create reports only for the tasks they created by themselves. To create a report on tasks created by other employees, the user should have supervisor rights.

How to generate a report:

  1. Go to Reports section at the ribbon on top of the screen or enter Reports section on the dashboard. 


  1. Apply filters above the table (Initiator, Responsible, Observer, Start Date, Deadline, Task Status, Tags) to select tasks you want to include into the report.

Filter parameters can be saved in the system for further use. Select necessary criteria, type in the name of the filter and press Save. The new filter name will appear above the table. To apply the filter, press its name; to delete the filter, select it and press 

To generate a report you can use the preset My completed tasks filter displayed above the filters bar. 

  1. The report is ready. You can view it in a table view here or export to Excel as a simple list of tasks or as a report with diagrams and charts.

How to export a report to Excel:

  1. Create a report.
  2. When you're finished, click Export to Excel button .

  1. A pop-up window will appear with a list of templates available for exporting. Actionspace has two built-in export templates:
    • Overview - shows tasks with their current status, creation date, deadlines, and actual completion dates; includes charts;
    • Status Report - a simple list of tasks; shows general information on tasks and overall performance.
  2. If you need a custom report, another view or another diagram type, please contact your system administrator. He can create and add a custom report template to the system.
  3. Select the export template, press Export and specify the folder where you want to save the file. Saved report will automatically open on your screen. To see all report details, go through all tabs.

  4. If you happen to see an empty diagram, check if there is a security warning above and click Enable Content there.

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