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What is on the Dashboard?

The Actionspace homepage (Dashboard) is created to provide an immediate overview of current status of all tasks and projects and make progress tracking as simple as it can be.

The Dashboard includes six colored sections and Notifications area.

  • All Tasks section includes all active tasks and projects, tasks where you were added as an observer (Tasks to Observe), drafts and deleted tasks (Recycle Bin);
  • Projects section includes only projects. It is a project dashboard with real-time project statistics and instant project tasks overview;
  • Reports section includes favourite task filters and search queries you save for quick access as well as exporting to Excel;
  • Tasks to Control section includes tasks you have assigned and tasks you have delegated to someone;
  • My Tasks section includes tasks you created for yourself and tasks that were assigned to you;
  • Focus section shows tasks you selected to work on today;
  • In Notification area the latest changes and comments in your tasks and projects are displayed.

Subsections in All Tasks, Projects, Tasks to Control and My Tasks sections provide a quick access to the most important task types and events:

  • Overdue — tasks/projects that are overdue;
  • Due Today — tasks/projects that have to be completed today;
  • Important — tasks/projects you or the task initiator have marked as the most important ones;
  • In Work — tasks/projects already taken in work (only in My Tasks section);
  • Assigned — tasks/projects that were assigned, but haven't been accepted ot taken in work yet (only in Tasks To Control section);
  • Issue - reported problems and issues that prevent the responsible from further working on the task/project; they require your immediate attention (only in Tasks To Control section);
  • Waiting for Approval — completed tasks/projects that are waiting for your approval (only in Tasks To Control section).

Numbers above colored sections indicate how many tasks are now in the corresponding section.

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