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How to create an automated workflow and dependent tasks

In Actionspace, Gantt chart mode allows to set automated task workflows as well as create new tasks, link dependent tasks and change deadlines. Please note that deadlines can be changed in the Draft mode and by task creator only.

Colored rectangles on the Gantt chart represent task duration. Timing is displayed in days, weeks, months, quarters and years modes. To change the scale, click  to zoom in or  to zoom out below the chart. Tasks can be scheduled within project timeframe only. To view full project, click .

Rectangles with  help plan sister projects and subprojects, sharp angles identify timeframe for the parent project.

To change task duration, move the cursor to the border of colored rectangle. The cursor will turn into a double-headed arrow.  Hold the mouse button and drag the cursor to stretch or shorten the rectangle up to a date needed. The change will be saved automatically if the new date falls under overall project timeframe. Otherwise, change will not be applied and the task rectangle will be shortened to fit project timeframe.

To move a task to another date, move the cursor to the center of colored rectangle. The cursor will turn into a cross-shaped arrow. Hold the mouse button and drag the rectangle right or left up to a date needed.

To add a new task from the Gantt chart tab, click  in the chart’s heading. To create new project out of an existing task or add a task into a subproject, click  in the field with the task’s name. In the pop-up window enter new task name or use a template, select an assignee and click a tick to save changes.


How to create an automated workflow (dependent tasks):

  1. Go to the Gantt chart view of the project by clicking   in the project. Please note that Gantt chart mode is available only when all tasks in the project have deadlines. 
  2. To create task dependency, move the cursor to a orange circle on the border of colored rectangle. Hold the mouse button and drag the cursor over to another task's rectangle, then release the mouse button. The orange link between tasks will be displayed. If you change dependent tasks deadlines, the interval between dependent tasks remains as set before.
  3. To remove the link, click on the orange arrow and confirm the removal at the pop-up window.
  4. If you save the dependent task as a draft, it will start automatically as soon as the preceding task is marked as completed. 
  5. You can link more than one predecessor task to a dependent task, even if they run simultaneously and have different start and due dates. All linked tasks will start after predecessor tasks have been completed.


How to reorder tasks in the project:

If you want to change the task order in the tasklist, please go to Gantt chart view and simply drag-n-drop them in the list.

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