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How to create a project

In Actionspace, a project is a complex task with subtasks. You can create a project out of any task you have created or any task that was assigned to you (in case this task is not overdue and it has Draft or In Work status). These subtasks (project tasks) may have different responsible persons and different deadlines.

To find all your projects, just click Projects section or Projects tab in All Tasks section on the Home Page.

To create a new project:

  1. Create a new task and click . Or open an existing task and click  or .  
  2. Enter the name of new subtask or apply a template, specify the responsible person (if needed) and set the deadline, then click Add a Subtask. The subtask is now saved as a Draft. If the responsible person is not specified, the subtask is automatically assigned to you.
  3. You can view all subtasks of the project in  tab. To add a new subtask, type in the subtask name and click Enter.
  4. To edit details for any subtask, click on the subtask name in the list. The new window will open, where you can make necessary changes. 
  5. To launch the subtask, click Start at the end of the corresponding row. To start all tasks at once, go to   tab and click Start All Subtasks
  6. The assignee will receive an email notification about new task.

How to reorder tasks and set dependencies in the project:

If you want to change task order in the tasklist, schedule subtasks within the project and set dependencies, please go to Gantt chart tab and simply drag-n-drop them in the list.

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