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What user roles are supported in Actionspace?

In Actionspace, there are two types of users: regular users and external users.

Regular users have full user rights, while external users licenses have limited functionality.

There are two types of external user licenses: Creator and Completer. Creator can only create and assign tasks, comment on and approve (this license is recommended to company's clients).  Completer can only receive tasks assigned to him and work on them in the system, but he can not create a new task (this license is recommended for contractors). Creator license and Completer license are free. If you want to provide the external user with both types of rights, this full external user license will be charged as a regular user license.

With external user licenses you can create a free simple service desk for your clients, or assign tasks to your contractors directly from Actionspace and track their progress without any extra efforts.

On task level, any Actionspace user can play any of three different roles:

  • Task Initiator (a person who has created a task. He can also assign the created task to the responsibles and later approve it as well);
  • Responsible (an assignee; a person who works on the task);
  • Observer (a person who has been added to the task by the task initiator to stay updated on the task progress. The observer can view the task details, participate in discussions by adding comments, attach files or URLs, but he can not edit, complete or approve the task).


On system level, Actionspace has four roles that could be set up by the system admin via Control Panel:

  • Actionspace regular user (this is a main role in the system; he is able to see and work on all tasks he/she is involved in);
  • Actionspace external user (he can have Completer rights, Creator rights, or both types of rights);
  • Actionspace administrator (he is able to recall any task, has access to any task via search, but cannot view them in Reports);
  • Actionspace supervisor (he is able to view tasks of all other users, assign other supervisors and create reports on all users within the Subscription).


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