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How to create custom reports

Actionspace has 2 prebuilt report templates for downloading - Overview and Status Report.  If you need any custom report, Actionspace administrators can create a new report template and make it available for all users.

To add a custom report template:

  1. Go to   / Control Panel.

  2. In the Excel Reports section press Add Report Template

  3. Enter the name of the new report in the Report Name field. This name will be displayed to all users in the list of available reports.

  4. Click Browse and select the template file to add a report template. It is recommended to prepare the template file in advance. Please see instructions below on how to create a template for custom report.

  5. Press SaveThe template you have just created will be added to the Excel Reports list.


To create a custom report template:

  1. Download a report template file.
  2. Open the file. If you do not see a Sheet1 tab, please left-click on the tabs and choose Unhide.
  3. In the Sheet1 tab you will see lines with text parameters as follows. Each line is used for exporting data from Actionspace and further report generation.
    • Asdata:ExportDate — date of export;
    • Asdata:FromDate — date value from the report filter field "From";
    • Asdata:ToDate — date value from the report filter field "Until";
    • Asdata — list of exported tasks.
  4. When exporting, these parameters will be substituted by exported data. The substitution is made only in the first (by order) sheet of the Excel book and does not depend on the sheet name.
  5. The Asdata parameter will be substituted with a table where every line is a specific task or project with the details specified in the columns as follows.  Data display format may depend on your operating system settings.
    • Time stamp (system value)
    • Status (shows current task or project status; see below the list of valid statuses)
      • 0 - Draft
      • 1 - In Progress
      • 2 - Completed
      • 8 - Waiting for Approval
      • 14 - Assigned
      • 15 - Suspended
    • Task title (name of the task)
    • Project title (shows the name of parent project or task, if applicable)
    • From (name of the person who assigned the task)
    • To (name of the assignee)
    • Assigned (date when the task was assigned)
    • Started (date when the responsible accepted the assigned task)
    • Deadline (scheduled completion date)
    • Completed (actual completion date)
    • Includes subtasks  (true or false value, defines the project)
    • Importance
    • EffortPlanned (in hours)
    • EffortActual (in hours)
  6. Sometimes in the export results some cells may be blank because of missing values.
  7. The substituted Asdata values will be automatically copied into Status-Report sheet, when the report is generated by user.

  8. Create your custom report (i.e. pivot table, diagram, data processing script) in the new sheet using the Status-Report sheet as a source data. Please feel free to take the Overview sheet of the downloaded template file for example.

  9. Save the file as an Excel Macro-enabled book (.xlsm) or Excel Workbook (.xlsx) and add as a new report template via Actionspace Control Panel.

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