Past Events

  • Actionspace April 1, 2015 Webinar

    Ask an Expert #1: Three Features that (Might) Kill

    We’re excited to kick off our new product feature webinar series Ask an Expert on April 1, starting with an exclusive webinar covering few of Actionspace best features and their practical application. You will learn how to get the most out of Actionspace directly from its founder, who will be revealing insightful tips and hacks during the webinar.

  • Actionspace February 11, 2015 Webinar

    Meet New Actionspace Interface

    We have completely redesigned Actionspace interface to provide executives and team managers with more advanced tools to monitor and manage assigned tasks and business projects. Join our upcoming webinar to learn more.

  • Actionspace November 25, 2014 Webinar

    Gain Control Over Daily Teamwork: For Executives and Managers

    The biggest commitment of any business leader is to deliver top results while keeping the team effective and motivated. To meet their goals most of them rely on management skills and personal energy, rather than IT tools. Meanwhile, a Microsoft ecosystem can help there.

  • Actionspace November 18, 2014 Webinar

    When Outlook is not enough (and Microsoft Project is too big)

    Regardless of all the advantages of emails, there is an obvious lack of visibility and control of the projects you manage and business tasks you assign. How do you cover that gap between Outlook and Microsoft Project for managing your team, business projects and campaigns?

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