Ask the Expert #3:

Time Tracking and Recurring Tasks

May 06

May 6, 2015

11 am Eastern / 8 am Pacific / 3 pm GMT

This is the third webinar of the Ask the Expert series, covering Actionspace killer features and their practical application. On May 6, we will focus on few more Actionspace capabilities that help to make teamwork more effective.

During the webinar you will find out:

  • How to report time spent on project;

  • How to track plan vs actual time;

  • If it is possible to track time for each project team member (including supervisors);

  • How to never miss out on recurring tasks, such as weekly reports or monthly information gathering, and save time on planning;

  • If it is possible to set an company-specific work schedules.

Join us on May 6 and be among the first to see in action and evaluate these new features—invaluable tools to improve efficiency of teamwork projects.

You will learn how to get the most out of Actionspace directly from its creator, who will be revealing insightful tips and hacks during the webinar.

Valentin Smirnov, Actionspace Business Development Director

This webinar is led by:
Vale Smirnov
Product Owner, Business Development Director


Be sure not to miss the Q&A session at the end of the webinar and ask all those questions about our product you have been meaning to ask.
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