Past Events

  • Actionspace May 12, 2016 Webinar

    How to Customize Actionspace to All Your Needs

    Recently we expanded our Actionspace offering by a wide range of customization and integration services to better serve the needs of the mid-sized and large companies who asked for an enterprise task, workflow and project management solution fully aligned with their unique requirements, business processes and procedures. On May 11, we will tell you about these services in detail, share some examples and case studies.

  • Actionspace April 18, 2016 Webinar

    What's New in Actionspace

    On April 18, we introduce you to new Actionspace features aimed to help you faster manage all your projects, easier track progress and integrate your Office 365 Outlook with Actionspace.

  • Actionspace November 18, 2015 Webinar

    External Users and Independent Business Units

    On November 18, we will unveil completely new, unique features of Actionspace allowing you to create a free service desk for your clients or send tasks to your contractors directly from your Actionspace without any extra charges, as well as new ways to organize your work across multiple independent business units or organizations.

  • Actionspace September 30, 2015 Webinar

    Ask the Expert #5: How to Organize Tasks and Projects Across Multiple Initiatives

    On September 30, during a short 15-minute webdemo of the Ask the Expert series, we will focus on Actionspace features helping to effectively organize tasks across multiple projects, initiatives or categories without dublicating it. 

  • Actionspace September 10, 2015 Webinar

    How to Choose Simple Project Management Solution For Office 365

    Join us on September 10 to find out what options the cluttered simple project management software market can offer to companies choosing Office 365, SharePoint and/or Azure as a part of their IT strategy, advantages and disadvantages of those tools, and buyer's recommendations.

  • Actionspace August 20, 2015 Webinar

    Meet New Actionspace Features: Automated Project Workflow, Gantt Chart and Email Reminders

    On August 20, we will proudly unveil new Actionspace features aimed to better organize teamwork and improve project performance, including task dependencies, Gantt charts, and email alerts settings.

  • Actionspace June 18, 2015 Webinar

    Meet Actionspace for Mobile

    On June 18, we will unveil Actionspace Mobile—a task management office in the pocket for those who live on their feet.

  • Actionspace May 27, 2015 Webinar

    Ask the Expert #4: How to Manage Your Team with Actionspace

    This is the fourth webinar of the Ask the Expert series, covering Actionspace killer features and their practical application. On May 27, we will focus on features helping you to manage team and organize teamwork.

  • Actionspace May 6, 2015 Webinar

    Ask the Expert #3: Time Tracking and Recurring Tasks

    This is the third webinar of the Ask the Expert series, covering Actionspace killer features and their practical application. On May 6, we will focus on few more features helping to make teamwork more effective.

  • Actionspace April 21, 2015 Webinar

    Ask the Expert #2: Reporting and Supervisor Roles

    This is the second webinar of the Ask the Expert series, covering Actionspace killing features and their practical application. You will learn how to get the most out of Actionspace directly from the product owner, who will be revealing insightful tips and hacks during the webinar.

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