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Actionspace for Organization of Marketing Researches

Actionspace helps a marketing agency from Kentucky, U.S., in their core business — organization of marketing researches.

Actionspace for Organization of Marketing Researches

“Field team members working from tablets and smartphones take advantage of the mobile version of Actionspace.”

Favorite features:

  • In-system notifications
  • Email alerts
  • Actionspace Mobile

A U.S. marketing research agency was looking for a simple and effective project management system that would help their team to complete market feasibility studies and market analyses which they were used to manage in Excel. The primary goal was to keep everyone up-to-date and manage all projects in an efficient and timely manner.

Solution and Benefits
With Actionspace, they are able to organize projects, assign individuals to the tasks, view deadlines and keep track of every milestone. When project moves to the next stage or any issue arises, employees involved in the project immediately receive in-system alerts and Outlook email notifications helping them to keep the project on track. As they use Microsoft SharePoint for storing all corporate content, including documents related to research projects, native SharePoint integration allows them to simply link these documents to the relevant tasks and keep them safe and organized. Field team members working from tablets and smartphones take advantage of the mobile version of Actionspace.

Reasons to choose Actionspace
Support of all necessary features as well as simple and modern interface, immediate launch with no additional education were key factors for choosing Actionspace for them.

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