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Actionspace for Preparation for Audits and Tax Filing Submission

Actionspace helps a U.S. property casualty insurance company to comply with state government requirements on tax filings and prepare for external audits.

Actionspace for Preparation for Audits and Tax Filing Submission

“With Actionspace, the company improves the compliance and streamlines external audit preparation.”

Favorite features:

  • Email alerts
  • Task templates
  • Auto-launch of the task

Reasons to choose Actionspace:

  • Ease of use
  • Task approvals / declines
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration


A U.S. property casualty insurance company has business units in almost every state and has a lot of due dates on the form filings that need to be submitted to the states each year (premium tax filings, forms filings, etc.). In addition, they have external audits each year, with piles of documents requested by auditors prior to the arrival.


To comply with the state government’s requirements on filings submission and guarantee proper pulling documentation for auditors, the company wanted to implement simple methods of task tracking and due dates control. They attempted to use Microsoft SharePoint to organize their task lists, but cluttered user interface, no possibility to organize tasks across multiple Sharepoint Sites and unrestricted user access to any task prevented the company from expanding the list of tasks there and turned them to Actionspace task & project management add-in for SharePoint.


Now Actionspace allows accounting teams in all company’s branches to be certain that no document is missed by assigning items to individuals and control progress on the entire list of documents or tax form filings. Actionspace’s automated workflow and templates allow them to easily apply standard steps (Preparation, Review and Approval) to any task, while visually compelling dashboard provides full visibility into the entire tasklist progress. Actionspace does not apply strict departmental or team limitations to use the solution. Any employee can create his own cross-functional team for working on his task or project, and even people from other departments who need to oversee the preparation of tax filings or audit documentation can be easily added as Observers to the task or the entire tasklist (i.e. project).

With Actionspace, the company improves the compliance and streamlines external audit preparation.


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