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Actionspace for Coordinating Company Tasks

Actionspace helps a U.S. air ambulance service to coordinate all their tasks.

Actionspace for Coordinating Company Tasks

“The guided tour was a big selling point for us. It really moved Actionspace to the top of our list.”

Favorite features:

  • Dashboard
  • Reports
  • File sharing


After major restructuring aimed to modernize their business, a U.S.-based air ambulance service company got a new leadership team and started to look for ways to improve their day-to-day business coordination. To assign and track tasks, they used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents which were only updated once a week on management team meetings. Those tools were too inflexible and restrained the team from moving faster and proactively. So they were started from almost nothing.


They wanted to implement an easy-to-use project management solution to coordinate all tasks that could be easily updated any time progress was made and generate reports based on users’ input. Actionspace provided them with an easy way to collect and assign tasks, work on them while storing all the details in a single place, and track progress at any moment either via online dashboard or downloadable reports.

As a side benefit, they have got a useful tool to streamline weekly status meetings: every Monday they discuss actual tasks, assign responsibles and deadlines and enter them into the system. The next Monday the only thing a department head has to do when preparing to the weekly meeting is to enter Actionspace, choose relevant tasks, view their current status, and drill down for details that team members entered while working on them, if necessary.  Attaching files and Office 365 documents links to assigned tasks allows to store all task details in a single place.


Now Actionspace is used almost equally amongst all the departments, but the most active users are in the Aircraft Maintenance department. Actionspace helps them to coordinate all the tasks in the company.

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