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Actionspace Improves Customer Service Efficiency

Actionspace helps the U.S. professional bookkeepers to organize hundreds of client payroll and tax projects.

Actionspace Improves Customer Service Efficiency

“In outsourced accounting, many tasks are recurring and some tasks are only done once, but you still have to keep in mind every step and every detail.”

Favorite features:

  • In-system notifications
  • Email reminders
  • Recurring tasks
  • Templates
  • Focus section


Working with SMB (small and medium business) market is very attractive, but it always means that you need to be able to handle many clients and lots of small-to-moderate sized projects simultaneously.

Specializing on small and midsized companies, a U.S.-based accounting and bookkeeping service is always coping with hundreds of client projects at one time. Most of projects are typical (e.g., payroll preparation, tax preparation), many tasks are recurring and some tasks are only done once, but they still have to keep in mind every step and every detail.

In order to organize client project workflows better, eliminate clutter, and get clear understanding who is responsible for what and when, the company decided to introduce simple project management solution into their work.


The solution was intended for bookkeepers, accountants and project managers which are usually very busy and non-technical, therefore they needed a user-friendly simple project management software with email reminders and online access. Actionspace became the solution that helped them to get tasks out of their heads and off of legal pads.

Initially, the system was used for preparation of client payroll and taxes and then rolled out for other tasks in the company. One of the most favorite features of the team became assigning a task to an appropriate specialist and getting confirmation when the task is complete.


Now Actionspace helps the company to organize work with their valued customers more accurately, systemize all tasks and projects in one area and improve team productivity, while providing customers with the highest quality of service.

In future the company plans to add their clients to Actionspace as external users and provide them an opportunity to send service requests online.

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