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Actionspace for Managing Business Operations

Actionspace helps Wright and Associates CPAs Inc., a fast-growing accounting firm with offices in the U.S. and Philippines, to improve overall project productivity by 20%.

Actionspace for Managing Business Operations

“There were three main reasons why we settled on Actionspace: cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use and outstanding customer service.”

Favorite features:

  • Report an Issue

  • Templates

  • Automated Workflows

  • Dashboard and Focus


  • Overall project productivity improved by 20%

  • Immediate problem identification

  • Accelerated new hire training and enablement

  • Reinforced quality of customer service

Wright and Associates CPAs Inc., a dynamic financial services firm with offices in Ohio, the U.S., and Philippines, provides accounting, auditing, tax, and consulting services to numerous small and medium size businesses. Recently they have chosen Actionspace for managing their core business operations more effectively.

We have conducted an interview with Wright and Associates CPAs' CEO and founder, John R. Wright, to find out the reasons why they choose Actionspace and how the solution help them to manage their fast-growing international business.

Auditing is a complicated process with many steps, piles of documents, and due dates that can not be missed. “We have been looking for a user-friendly solution to workflows for years in order to enhance our auditing process”, says John Wright. "Wright and Associates CPAs attempted to use SharePoint to manage project workflows and track project issues, but, although SharePoint is a hefty solution that could be adapted, its technical-oriented user interface, complicated organization of tables, and high costs of development and implementation prevented the company from using it in full for organizing and managing projects.

Usually, at any given moment employees of ​Wright and Associates CPAs work on dozens of projects with 30-35 tasks in each project, so the major problem for them is to quickly identify where the problem which stops the entire project is.  “Issue feature in Actionspace became a great asset for us, it has helped us to get crystal clear visibility in projects. Thanks to in-system notifications and email alerts helping us to quickly identify and react on project issues, we have improved our productivity by 20% and now we complete our projects faster”, notices John Wright.

Another great thing where Actionspace helps is new hire enablement and training. “We use Actionspace as a training tool for new staff to introduce them into our business routines faster. Customer service procedures and standard project steps are saved in Actionspace as templates, and it helps us to advance quality of customer service and improve business continuity.”

Now Actionspace is used for 100% of all tasks in the company. With Actionspace, Wright and Associates CPAs are able to solve their workflow issues, while meeting the goal of implementing a user-friendly solution. Actionspace has allowed them to manage projects and collaborate on issues all in one system, rather than using multiple systems.

“With Actionspace, we improved our efficiency and productivity”, says John Wright. “There were three main reasons why we settled on Actionspace: cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use and outstanding customer service.”

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