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Actionspace for University Administration

Actionspace helps administration of a U.S. university to organize tasks into manageable projects for all initiatives, set due dates and track progress.

Actionspace for University Administration

“Seamless integration of Actionspace with Office 365 and SharePoint made the solution an inseparable part of university’s corporate portal, available to all users without any extra logins and passwords.”

Favorite features:

  • Search within tasks
  • Progress reports
  • Typical project templates
  • Personal productivity support
  • Gantt chart
  • Actionspace Mobile 


One of the leading universities in California, United States was looking for a solution that would help its administration to improve efficiency of implementation of their initiatives and projects and make all work more transparent. It was also important to improve project completion timeframes. Among the initiatives were faculty certification, grant management, new campus launch, completing partnership agreement with a European university, development of new curricula and others.

To organize and track projects, they used basic Microsoft Office 365 tools, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, which could not provide an overview of the current situation and transparent progress tracking. As a result, project deadlines were rarely met, teamwork was disorderly and ineffective.

University administration needed an effective online task management platform, that would be accessible from mobile devices, allow to track status of projects and tasks instantly, keep track of their completion, and deliver intelligent reports for the management team. 


After two weeks of trial and a one-on-one product demonstration, Actionspace for Office 365 was chosen to address existing challenges. The solution quickly enabled university administration to create project schedules, organize teamwork and internal communications, assign responsibles and due dates, and keep track of every assignment within the organization. Because of the fact that each faculty member received a unique account, it was easy to monitor any specific task, all the way from the assigning the task to approving results.

Visually compelling dashboard lets any employee or a manager to get a quick overview of the real-time status of all projects and see if everything goes as planned. Flexible, customizable reports allow to analyze work of any department over any given period of time. 


With the help of Actionspace, university administration could effectively organize management of all important projects and everyday work within a single application. In addition, they were able to get rid of innumerable memos, huge piles of fragmented files with work plans and schedules.

Seamless integration of Actionspace with Office 365 and SharePoint made the solution an inseparable part of university’s corporate portal, available to all users without any extra logins and passwords.

Additional advantage was the ease of preparation of learning and teaching materials upon requests of different departments, which required coordinated teamwork of curriculum department, faculty, marketing department and external contractors. Marketing department also takes advantage of Actionspace in their work of managing university’s website and student portal. Further on, the university plans to extend the use of Actionspace to organize academic research. 


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