Why You Will Never Be An Ideal Manager

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Why You Will Never Be An Ideal Manager

April 10, 2017

Who is the ideal Executive in your mind? You may say: “He must be a leader, motivator, manager, charismatic person, rationalist and skeptic, predictor of the future and so on”. And you will be right. But don’t you feel confused after listing all these qualities? Don’t you think there are too many functions for one person? If so, Dr. Adizes would shake your hand and recommend to read his book "The Ideal Executive: Why You Cannot Be One and What to Do About It”.

What is this book about?
Dr. Adizes thinks that it is impossible for one person to be a perfect Manager. He distinguishes four Management types – four components that may exist in each man in certain proportions and proposes to combine people with different dominant components to compose a complementary team of managers who will provide efficiency in the long term.

Let’s get acquainted with four described types:

  • Р (Production of results);
  • А (Administration);
  • Е (Entrepreneurship);
  • I (Integration).

Each type is predisposed to different activities:

  • If “P” is dominant the man will be the best performer you could ever find. He just does his work and does it well: customers are completely satisfied if “P” works with them. “P” is completely focused on result, he won’t be afraid of any crisis because there is nothing to distract him. However, “P” is not good at task delegation, also his team-player abilities and creativity qualities are not on the high level. You may find “P” in the Production or Engineering Department.
  • Someone with dominant “A” keeps law and order in the organization. “A” cares about timing, details, rules and so on. The most appropriate place for “A” is the Finance, Legal or Planning Department. The whole office in the organization with such specialist will be in perfect order. But in case of being addicted to details he might lose day or two figuring out some trifles.
  • “E” is an idea generator. The Marketing, PR, Innovation, Research Department – he takes to these places like a duck to water. The man with dominant “E” creates new products, defines future activities, predicts changes and uses it for providing long term efficiency. “E” is ready to take the risk and win. On the other hand, “E” might change the opinion at the moment – his mind is almost as fast as the speed of light. Also, “E” doesn’t care about constraints, details and rules like “A” does.
  • If “I” is dominant the man will be good at politics and negotiations. His communication and psychological skills are on the top level. “I” integrates the whole organization and helps different people to understand each other. However, sometimes it seems that “I” has no own opinion and tries to avoid conflicts. “I” would be the best Head of the HR Department. What is more, Dr. Adizes believes that the leader of the organization should have “I” component as one of the dominant in his PAEI-code for better performance.

No one can perform all four roles at the same time. A normal person can perform one or two roles at a time. Some, the rare ones, can perform three roles.


That is why a successful Manager is not one person. It’s a team of people with different dominant components in their РАЕI-codes. It means that there shouldn’t be “clear” types with the only one function. Conversely, it’s important to assemble versatile people with one dominant type. Otherwise, “clear” "P", "A", "E" and "I" wouldn’t understand each other.

We have provided you just a passage from the Dr. Adizes book. If you are interested in more details – follow adizes.com and get acquainted with one of the most unsurpassed business consultants in the world.

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