Leadership Tips to Empower Your Team

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Leadership Tips to Empower Your Team

July 15, 2015

Team building and teamwork development are a key ability any manager or leader should certainly be seeking to possess and capitalise on.

Tips on developing leadership and team management skills should really start from the very beginning - recruitment. It is highly important to find team players, as the business potential will end where the team players ability ends.  However, most managers and team leaders do not have the luxury of starting from recruitment.

The following tips are to support the team development with the team you’ve got.

1. Understanding your team skill sets is important for leadership. Allowing individuals to develop and progress in an area where their skills lay and or have an interest in can be effective to keeping them engaged in a project. The correct delegation of work to right skill set or interest lowers the risk of individual members feeling out of favour, invaluable and working under frustration.  The manager or leader is essentially aligning tasks and workloads to match personal skill sets and motivation levels.

2. A further aspect of leadership and team management is not indulging in the blame culture when projects don’t go to plan. Using team members as the scapegoat can be detrimental for further success within the team. This blame culture can impact on individuals not wanting to make mistakes, so they don’t push themselves to their full potential. Almost like working with the safety on.

Team members need to feel empowered. They need to understand their roles. They need to be interested and have the opportunity to use their skill.

3. A top tip is to praise and celebrate individual and team success. This sense of appreciation and gratitude will push members of the team, and in turn the team as a whole, to strive for productivity.If the leader can soak up some of the blame, but give the credit where credit is due, then camaraderie will develop towards success. This can be done by being the coach rather than the player, let the players make mistakes but learn from their mistakes and coach them along the way. If they keep making the same mistakes and you find yourself soaking up all the blame, then your coaching style or intensity may need to change.

4. Team members need to feel empowered, they need to understand their roles, they need to be interested and have the opportunity to use their skill. This balancing act by the coach to enable the qualities of an individual to be of best interest for the team is difficult. However, by acknowledging and approving positive behaviour develops consistent positive behaviour, and importantly, consistent results.

5. Communicate! Lastly, success can rarely come in any team situation without communication. Being a leader or a manager, your team members are the most important people you need to communicate with. Having the ability to understand them as individuals, their skills and attributes via communication is key. Through communication the leader must share fully, in ways your team will understand, exactly what is required to complete a project. These ways of communication for effective understanding will differ from person to person, but knowing how they work and how they learn will increase the efficiency of the communication.


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