What Does It Really Take to Unify the Team?

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What Does It Really Take to Unify the Team?

February 24, 2016

The pure mention of team building makes most managers cringe. It just seems like it’s a routine process that the HR Department need to put in the calendar in order to meet their quarterly KPI’s. To have a truly thriving and successful organisation, building your team takes more than a quick ‘Let’s get know our new staff members’ session in the office kitchen. To find out what it really takes to unify the team, we reached out Cody Shorter, a director of Australian marketing agency:

"A long lasting and prosperous business not only offers a quality service or product, excellent customer service, and has accountable and experienced leadership at the helm it also needs a productive team that knows how to work together. A solid team of workers should be the foundation of any brilliant company. The following are 5 team building tips that can actually help strengthen any team.

1. Clarify the overall vision

This is one of the most important aspects in building a strong team. If there is not a common vision among the team and the leadership, there will never be unity or growth within the organisation. Spend time visioning as a team. What does your company do? Does everyone on the team know the company's mission statement? Get clarity on the vision and then you can move on to creating common goals.

2. Create common goals

This step is almost as important as the first. It is imperative that the goals of the organisation are understood as well as supported by all members of the team. Employees want to feel valued, they want to know and see how their efforts are impacting the bigger picture. How can you expect them to positively impact your organisation when they have no idea what they should be striving towards?

3. Roles and responsibilities

Time should be taken to ensure that each individual team member understands what their role is in the team. Once they know this, responsibilities and expectations can be created for each person. Be sure to include the individual in these discussions to ensure they are part of the process. Defining roles and responsibilities will streamline the organisation, making it a well oiled machine.

4. Figure out their needs

Communication is vital for any team and organisation. It is vital that each team member feels comfortable in letting their teammates and leadership know what their needs are. Team members who know they are being listened to and are appreciated are more likely to be loyal and work harder.

5. Have fun

The simple mention of a team building workshop can bring panic to team members. They are accustom to tedious and boring exercises. Making the team building workshop fun by playing some teambuilding activities will allow people to get out of their comfort zone and get communicating faster. You can even host your team building activities away from the office and spend it in a fun and less stressful environment. This alone will create a more unified, caring, and enjoyable atmosphere within the organisation long after the workshop or day is through.

These tips should serve as a great starting point to get any group of people acting as a stronger team. However, nothing is set in stone, and any of the strategies listed above can and should be modified to fit the needs of the people on the team. Most of all, it is imperative for the mediator of the team building workshop to continually communicate with the group, and listen to their needs. Through this process, a unified, strong, and productive team is much more likely to be formed."


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