How to Motivate Employees Stop Being Late

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How to Motivate Employees Stop Being Late

August 29, 2017

Almost each HR Manager faces the problem of lateness. It’s quite difficult to motivate employees not to be late without strict punishment but we have collected 4 ways to do it.

1.Tasty encouragement

We love to eat and of course we love to eat something delicious. We suppose it’s a great idea to reward those who come in time by tasty dishes. For example, there are companies that offer a free and yummy breakfast at 15-20 minutes before the beginning of the workday. And it works – the number of latecomers decreased.

2. Unexpected rewards

It’s an interesting idea to replace punishment with promoting the best. For example, those who are never late can get something nice and useful – a gift voucher, additional compensatory time, tickets to the cinema, etc. We are sure, in a few months after the introduction of such encouragement the number of delays will decrease.

3. Gamification

Continuing the theme of rewarding we can’t miss the Gamification trend. Gamification is a great tool that can be used for different aims. Coming in time can be transformed into fascinating and exciting game with points, levels and prizes. However, there is a risk that the main aim might be forgotten and employees would think not about work but about game.

4. Short and important meetings before the beginning of the workday

Such meetings can be spent discussing tasks for the day, processing questions, and many other issues. The main idea of that is to gather employees before the beginning of the workday. 10-15 minutes devoted to briefing, expectations making or summing up of the previous workday would be a good reason to come to work earlier.

Lateness is not a fault, there might be a lot of reasons for coming late. If company loses nothing when employees are late there is no sense to force them to come in time. The staff can be motivated by more “tender” ways. Try and find out which one is the best.

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