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How to Make New Habits

November 28, 2017

Most of us would be happy to make new useful habits, they say, it takes 21 days to completely get used to some activities. Unluckily, it doesn’t work so.
We want to tell you about an interesting method which was created by Belle Beth Cooper, an entrepreneur, Hello Code founder and Buffer blog author. She suggests starting from small steps that bring little but sufficient feeling of satisfaction. Thus, the brain gets an essential encouragement and chose what act should be turned into a habit.

1. Start small

80% of plans ruin after first steps because of desire to have an immediate result. We expect too much from our activity and disappoint when the outcome doesn’t match our great expectations. That is why Beth recommends starting small: want to read more – start from 5-10 pages per day; want to wake up earlier – change the alarm signal for 10 minutes. Then, gradually increase the pace.

2. Have only one focus

It’s a typical mistake of self-improvers – to do several things at once. Stop eating candies, go in for sport, read more, walk more, sleep more or less - and everything since Monday! At the beginning of self-improvement path, we are full of enthusiasm but at the end of 10 days-doing-all-these-things we are tired and have no more passion. Beth thinks that the plan of progressive introduction of new habits increases the probability that you won’t give up. Try and check if it works

3. Ruin the barriers

Prepare appropriate conditions for the start: want to drink more water – buy a nice bottle and take it everywhere; want to stop scrolling the news in social networks while eating – put the phone in a bag or switch it off. The new habits enter must be comfortable for you, so create the most comfortable “atmosphere” and get rid of all barriers.

4. Create a chain of habits

It’s easier to set new habits “above” the old one. For example, each day you do some sports – turn on a French audio-lesson and learn the language. Or you may do the same during the evening jog. Attach new activities with usual routine and you will see how quickly and easy they will become usual too.


Some activities become habits easier that others, but the principles are the same – learn them and there will be nothing impossible for you. 

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