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Communication features

September 25, 2017

There is no one generic way of perfect communication with people. When we are talking to customers sometimes we should fit them and say things they really want to hear. We have collected some communication features that would help you to become the person that clients want to deal with.

1. Ask and write down

Use first meetings to know better what project will be implemented and what clients need from you. Write down the information – firstly, do it for better remembering, secondly, point out unclear aspects. After that, summarize and ask additional questions about the expectations and describe the result you assume. Thus, customers would understand that you are one the same page.

2. No excuses and no accusations

If the customer is dissatisfied don’t add fuel to the fire – no excuses, just keep a pause and try to put yourself on his place. Then, find the root of his outrage and work it out. Don’t forget to apologize.
If you know that your colleague is in charge of clients’ irritation don’t pass the buck and continue to solve the problem. Act as we described higher and never blame your colleagues in front of customers. Save the team and the team will save you.

3. Dress code

Ironed suit, net shoes, clean hair – it seems obvious but some of us forget about it. Moreover, in some countries it can be considered as an insult. Learn the set of dress code rules and follow them. In case you are extra sure that no special clothes are necessary put on something neutral – clean, no bright colored outfit without inappropriate inscriptions and prints.

4. Fix everything except the things you can’t fix

Ringing phone, broken laptop, presentation template instead of the final version… All these little troubles can spoil the mood and the whole meeting. Check things that can be checked and don’t blame yourself if something incredible and accidental occurred.

And never be late!

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