7 Rules of the Right Rest

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7 Rules of the Right Rest

August 9, 2017

Globally, thousands of people suffer from mental burnout. It happens because of the wrong approach to work and rest. People think they would recover on vacation and until then they will work as a bee day by day. However, it doesn’t work so. The rest process should be systematic and we have collected 7 rules of right recreation.


1. No mails and calls!

Try to switch all your communications off, if you are in touch for work 24/7 you will never relax. However, if you can’t completely refuse your phone, allocate 1-2 hours per day when you will check mail and answer calls.

2. Wake up at a certain time

Don’t spoil the schedule! If you are used to wake up at 8 am do it on weekends too. When you try to compensate week lack of sleep by sleeping late at the weekend we have bad news for you: it doesn’t work so. It’s better to go sleep earlier during the working week. And don’t forget that you have 48 hours to have a good rest so sleeping late wouldn’t be the best amusement.

3. More exercises!

You have 48 hours to run, jump, swim, walk… Physical exercises have good influence not only on body it also increases creativity. When you do some sports, your organism produces endorphins that is why you feel happy and get ready for new task and challenges.

4. Don’t give up your hobbies

You like playing football or painting? May be, you are interested in foreign languages learning or playing the piano? If you have a hobby don’t forget about it. Each creative, sports and mental activity helps to get rid of stress and develops your mind.

5. Say “Yes!” to mini-adventures

Go somewhere you’ve never been before, have a short trip, try doing something new like pottery or parachuting. Plan and implement the idea. It would be your little encouragement at the end of the week.

6. Spend your time with family

If you have children take them to the circus, park, cinema… If you don’t, visit you parents on weekends. Sometimes we have no time to spend it with relatives but Saturday and Sunday gives us the opportunity to have a rest with family, appreciate it.

7. Get ready for the next week

Spend 30-40 minutes to plan the next week, it would help to avoid emergency and stress occasions.


Have a productive week and don’t forget about the right rest!

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