5 Сauses of Procrastination

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5 Сauses of Procrastination

July 11, 2017


Procrastination is definitely the enemy of productivity. They say we procrastinate because of laziness and luck of responsibility but we pointed out 5 causes of procrastination that don’t refer to these imperfections.

1. Perfectionism

Perfectionists are committed to the ideal. They need ideal capital, ideal team, ideal weather… Sometimes they spend more than week waiting for perfect conditions to start. Thus, perfectionists delay and delay.

2. Physical and mental burnout

Hard work is good but without rest it’s a direct way to burn out. Full recovery can take day or two. However, it also can last for weeks. That’s why some diligent workaholics can procrastinate and miss deadlines.

3. The lack of clear goal

Try to do something without precise and desired aim – it would continue not so long, isn’t it? Therefore, in each long-term activity people need to understand why and for what purpose they do something.

4.  Distraction

Doing something, we get SMS, FB notifications, friends’ calls… And we can spend much time responding to each message and call. A work place without any disturbing thing is a good way to avoid accidental procrastination.

5. Unfeasible project

When we meet new, complex and daunting task we might be frightened by its scope. Thus, we put it off for uncertain term. The best way to start is to divide this huge task into small and begin with.

So, if your productivity suffers from delaying don’t blame yourself in laziness, maybe you just tired or don’t understand what the reason to do anything. Find the real cause of your procrastination and overcome it.

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