5 Little-known Rules of Good Manners in LinkedIn

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5 Little-known Rules of Good Manners in LinkedIn

November 7, 2017

LinkedIn is a great Social Network: it provides an opportunity to find a job, hire an employee, join the professional community, share your experience, etc. Most of us use LinkedIn, however, not everyone knows the rules of behavior in this Network. And we are going to introduce you 5 interesting and useful etiquette rules for LinkedIn.

1. Make your invitations more personalized

You may find in LinkedIn invitation templates. They increase the probability that you will be added in the contact lists of those who you are really interested in. Show yourself as a respectable user – prepare personalized invitations. Moreover, in this case you shouldn’t use “People You May Know” service, it deprives the invitation of all personalization. Find those who are interesting for you in “Search” and send your prepared templates.

2. Help HRs to find you (if you need it)

LinkedIn is a popular Network among HR Managers, so you have a great opportunity to be noticed and probably hired. If you are looking for work – check and input correct contact information. Moreover, LinkedIn allows to configure your search appearance to be found more quickly than others.

3. Make compliments

Don’t be “greedy”, it’s appropriate to support your contacts. Other profiles promotion is a part of business ethics in LinkedIn. Your reviews, compliments and comments are really valuable in this Network. Of course, it’s optional but if you have a good work experience with someone – tell about it. However, it’s possible that you may feel obliged to answer back those who supported you. It’s normal to think so but you have a right to do it only when you want it.

4. Write relevant comments

If you decided to review someone’s profile, do it essentially. Prepare a personal feedback, tell a story, show that you appreciate this person, his skills and knowledge. It’s not a good idea to use template comments like “This guy is great, pleased to work with him!”, make your review more detailed. Of course, don’t forget about the relevance – don’t cross the frames of business ethics.

5. Ask for a feedback

If you are familiar with someone for a long time, it’s appropriate to ask him for a review about you. The best time to do it is when you are seeking a new employment. Ask your ex-colleagues to help you. Moreover, you may ease them this issue – point out some characteristics, skills, knowledge that you would like to be appreciated and ask for evaluation. Remember, in LinkedIn professional key-word search is one of the favorite HR Managers’ tool.


LinkedIn is one of the best professional Social Networks. Let it work for you – use it correctly.

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