4 Roman Pillars of Self-Productivity

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4 Roman Pillars of Self-Productivity

September 11, 2017

We discussed time-management but we still didn’t mention other 3 really important things that form the basis of self-productivity.

The foundation of productivity includes 4 components: Time, Energy, Attention and Skill.

Time-management is one of the most discussed topics and we have 3 posts about it. Click here to read if you still didn’t. In addition, we offer you to learn about the opposite of time-management – procrastination, this text  would help you to understand what makes you delay your work and overcome this obstacle.

Energy is a source of all activities, that’s why it’s important to have a good rest and we also have a post about it. Moreover, don’t forget about your own characteristics – sometimes we all feel apathy and don’t feel like working, it might appear in the Autumn or Spring and it’s called seasonal depression. Be ready and try to find an appropriate “cure” for fast and effective recovery.

If you are full of energy and good at self-organization but can’t focus on the main purpose – the result of your work will be not really satisfying. So, train your Attention and concentration for better performance. There are a lot of techniques developed especially for those who have some troubles with focusing attention.

You are never too old to learn and there are always a lot of things to explore. We are talking not only about hard skills that form you as a professional, soft skills are also important to train. Online and offline courses, books and podcasts, mobile apps, free libraries of universities around the world, our Be Effective Blog – there are so many opportunities that it really makes sense to use them! Just think what do you want to learn, open a browser and start.

Understand that all 4 components should be in a good condition, without at least one of them your personal productivity decreases. So, manage the time, have a good rest, be attentive to your work and never stop learning.

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