4 apps that will help you to stay focused

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4 apps that will help you to stay focused

October 23, 2017


Phones and laptops are great tools for work but they also can waste your valuable time if you use it in a wrong way. We offer you to learn about 4 apps that were created to save your time and increase productivity.

1. Forest

ОS: Android/iOS

Price: Google Play – free, App Store – 1,99$.

“Forest” helps you to spend time working without phone. You define time required for work, set the timer and the app starts to grow up a tree. As soon as you unlock the phone to check the email or scroll the news– the tree will die. Each time you fail you get a new stump but if you successfully spend the time without your phone you will see a flourishing green forest.


2. Focus Booster

ОS: Windows/Mac OS

Price: basic version – free; premium version – 5$/month.

This app is based on Pomodoro principle. According to that, you should have short breaks each 25 min for more productive work. It’s like the “Forest” app but without stumps and trees. For 25 minutes the phone or screen will be locked so you’ll have no chance to waste the time in social networks. 

3. RescueTime

ОS: Windows/Mac OS

Price: basic version – free; premium version – 9$/month.

“RescueTime” is created to show you what things in the Net takes the most of your time. Turn this app on when you start working and look at the report at the end of your working day. The app will show you how much time you spent working, visiting entertaining sites or playing games. Thus, you will understand why you haven’t done what was planned.

4. StayFocused

ОS: Windows/Mac OS

Price: free.

After you have found out what sites take your time, you need “the guard” that won’t let you procrastinate. Make a list of sites which distract you and set a timer when you are “allowed” to spend having fun in the Net. When the time is up, all listed sites will be blocked till the next day. When you forget about it and try to visit, for example, Twitter, you will be moved to the web-page with the inscription: “Don’t you have to work, hah?”

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