12 Tips How to Use Your Time Efficiently (Part 1)

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12 Tips How to Use Your Time Efficiently (Part 1)

March 23, 2017

Time management is the Holy Grail for those who want to stay focused and be effective. We have collected some advice on how to stay productive and not be exhausted. You might be aware of some described principles but we are sure – the problem of time management is never irrelevant and additional knowledge is never unnecessary.

Let's start with the preparation.
There are 4 steps you should do before the beginning.

1. Decide what you will not do

It’s so kind to do work for others but never forget about task delegation. It saves your time, nerves, helps to understand your role in the organization, also this skill is really important if you want to get a promotion as a top-manager in the future.

2. Make a list

So easy and obvious. However, not many people are really aware of a great power of good plan of action. The rule 10/90 says: 10% of time wasted on making a plan before the start saves 90% of time during work. Start a plan from the most difficult and move to the easier tasks and if you don’t understand how to solve some case – divide it into smaller parts. In the end, you have a nice bonus – it’s a great pleasure to cross out a completed task.


If the task takes less than 5 minutes – do it immediately. If more – add it to the list.

3. Set priorities

Firstly, identify criteria to rank the tasks by. It might be the urgency, the importance of the outcome, the amount of your compensation…whatever. After that, prioritize each your task in the list and follow this prioritization. It’s important to do due to the risk of wasting of time on insignificant cases.

4. Make an additional list

Put here everything that “devours” your worktime: scrolling the news in FB, looking through the photos in Instagram, reading an article about the Oscar Nominations, whatever. Try not to follow this list, remember – it separates you from the desired outcome.

As a bonus we have created this infographic for better perception.

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