12 Tips How to Use Your Time Efficiently (Part 2)

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12 Tips How to Use Your Time Efficiently (Part 2)

April 5, 2017

In this part we are going to talk about the rules of efficient work – some principles that help to stay focused, don't waste the time and do once best.

1. A good beginning makes a good end

Start your working day with the most unpleasant, painful and important task. Delaying such cases forms the emotional tension and the feeling of bad consequences. But if you have done the most “terrifying” task at the beginning, it will make you feel good for the whole day.

2. Work separately from the resting

If you work at home or at a comfortable office with soft and cozy sofas draw a mental line between workplace and relaxing zone. Don’t let yourself to cross this line before the task is completed. If you digress, you will not do a lot of work.

3. Remove your phone

Or switch off the Net. Social networks are the biggest enemies of efficiency. If you have no will, try some mobile Apps like “Forest”: you set a timer and don’t use the phone until the tree has grown. If you give up the tree dies. Hope, the feeling of guilt towards the dead trees will help you to stay focused.

4. Work at a certain time

Everyone is special. You might have the peak of efficiency in the morning, others are super effective after lunch. Observe yourself and identify the time when you are able to make a great outcome. Remember it or set the clock and get ready to work hard.

5. Go ahead of the deadline

Have done the project before the final date? Great! Pass it and move on. Want to check it 10 times? The more you are checking it – the more features you perceive as a mistake. Three big tests are enough. If you are afraid of losing something important – make a list of significant items and follow it.

Learn the described tips with the help of our new infographic.

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