SharePoint Tasks vs Actionspace: Comprehensive Сomparison

Built-in task management functionality in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online was significantly improved, comparing to SharePoint 2010. However, its practical usage still involves some crucial inconveniences.

Actionspace native app for SharePoint was designed specifically to cover these needs for easy-to-use and crystal clear enterprise task management and simple project management solution seamlessly integrated with corporate content.

Learn how Actionspace overcomes built-in SharePoint task management functionality inconveniences and brings additional value:

Access Control Policy and Role-based Permissions

  • No role-based permission model for operations upon the task. Everyone can do everything, e.g. anyone who has access to the task list can edit (and delete) other users’ tasks.
  • Strong access control policy. Various roles are supported (task initiator, task participant/responsible, delegate, observer). Each role has a certain set of permissions to access and handle tasks and content.


  • Engineer-oriented user interface for task creation and task handling.
  • Non-technical-savvy-oriented user interface for managing tasks and groups of tasks (projects).

Task Filters

  • No convenient task filters.
  • Various built-in filters are supported (by employee, task status, deadline, etc.).

Reminders and Notifications

  • Limited notification tools. No task reminders are supported.
  • Intelligent reminders and customizable powerful notifications (both in-app and via email) are supported together with a convenient view of all planned activities.

Project Templates

  • No templates can be created for tasks and projects.
  • For any task or project a template can be created, including responsible employees, task details, deadlines and content attached. Users can use templates to create standard projects in one click, or to share best practices.

Task Lifecycle Support

  • No task lifecycle is supported.
  • The task lifecycle includes several stages, such as Draft, Assigned, In Progress, or Waiting for Approval. Each stage defines a particular set of operations for each role.

Task issues

  • No issue tracking / issue reporting for tasks.
  • Issue tracking / issue reporting is supported.

Task statuses

  • No indication of task status.
  • Convenient and transparent indication of task status.

Task approvals

  • No task approvals.
  • Approvals for tasks are supported.

Task recalling

  • It is not possibile to recall a task while keeping its history for further use.
  • You can recall a task and keep all events which happened around it.

Task delegation

  • There is no way to delegate a task.
  • You can delegate a task and track it to completion.

Task Chat and Comments

  • No discussions and commenting on tasks and subtasks.
  • Discussions and comments are supported.

Task History

  • No versioning for attachments. Limited logging of changes. Users can track versions of tasks only.
  • Versioning and change tracking are supported. Full task history, project history, and comments are logged.

Content Sharing within a Project

  • No possibility to access task attachments from subtasks.
  • Task attachments can be shared across subtasks.

Associating SharePoint Items with Tasks

  • No easy way to associate SharePoint items with tasks and projects.
  • You can easily attach SharePoint items to any task or project.

Personal Productivity Improvement

  • In addition to the values highlighted above, Actionspace supports personal productivity improvement—inspired by GTD® (Getting Things Done®) method—which helps to focus efforts on most important tasks.

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